New updated world map version

Netmaps incorporates a new version of World Map on its Map Mural website. The new World Map offers an additional version for Map Mural customers. Map Murals, under HP technology, has tripled sales in the first five months of 2005, with corporate clients in 96% of cases.
Netmaps Introduces New World Map Version on Map Mural Website

Netmaps, a leading provider of maps and geographic information, has recently announced the incorporation of a new version of the World Map on its Map Mural website. This exciting development offers an additional option for Map Mural customers, providing them with even more choices for their map-related needs.

The new World Map version is a testament to Netmaps’ commitment to continually improving and expanding its product offerings. It reflects the company’s dedication to providing customers with the latest and most comprehensive mapping solutions available. With this new addition, Map Mural customers can now explore and purchase an even wider range of high-quality maps to suit their individual preferences and requirements.

This latest enhancement comes at a time when the demand for maps and geographic information is on the rise. In particular, Map Murals, a product under HP technology, has seen a significant increase in sales, with a reported threefold growth in the first five months of 2005. This surge in demand is a clear indication of the value and utility that maps continue to provide in various applications and industries.

One notable aspect of the increased sales is the significant presence of corporate clients, who account for 96% of the cases. This trend underscores the importance of maps in the business world, as companies recognize the benefits of using maps for planning, analysis, and decision-making. From logistics and supply chain management to market research and expansion strategies, the use of maps has become integral to the operations of many organizations.

The availability of the new World Map version on the Map Mural website is sure to further fuel the momentum behind this growth. By offering an expanded selection of maps, Netmaps is poised to meet the diverse needs of both individual and corporate customers, ensuring that they can find the right maps for their specific purposes. Whether it’s for educational, professional, or decorative use, the new World Map version adds a fresh dimension to the already impressive range of maps available on the website.

Furthermore, the new World Map version reflects Netmaps’ ongoing efforts to leverage the latest technologies and data sources to create accurate and visually appealing maps. By utilizing advanced mapping tools and incorporating up-to-date geographic information, the company is able to deliver maps that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly informative and reliable. This attention to detail and quality is evident in the new World Map version, making it a valuable addition to the Map Mural lineup.

In conclusion, the introduction of the new World Map version on the Map Mural website represents a significant milestone for Netmaps and its customers. With the increased sales of Map Murals and the growing demand for maps in various industries, the timing of this new release couldn’t be better. As Netmaps continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, customers can look forward to an even more diverse and comprehensive selection of maps to fulfill their mapping needs.

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