Happy New Year 2015

To all our team, clients and suppliers,
We closed out the year 2014 better than expected. There was a 15% increase in both online sales figures and the number of online sales compared to 2013. We are satisfied with our double-digit growth.

Market uncertainties in the middle of the year have weighed down what seemed like it could be an even better year. We hope to see in the coming months whether this double-digit increase will also be reflected in 2015. We have established ourselves in European markets and have seen a strong increase in online sales in the American markets.

While this happens, we wish our entire team, clients, and suppliers a great start to 2015. We’ll see you in the next year. Remember, we are online 24/7 at all times. But the year is long, so take advantage of these hours to enjoy with your loved ones to the fullest.

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