Free shipping to any country.

Maps to anywhere in the world for purchases over 75.00 euros.
One of the constants on our website is the free shipping of any purchased map, for purchases over 75 euros, to any point in the world. We believe in the added value of maps and that’s why we cover the full cost of shipping.

Currently, we trust the company Nacex for deliveries in Spain, which delivers tubed maps within 24 hours. In the case of framed or large volume maps, we work with top companies such as UPS, TNT or Zeleris, who also offer the service for free to our customers.

All Map Murals services are unified to provide a better purchasing experience for our maps from anywhere in the world.

We are aware that shipping has a cost, but we also believe in promoting online purchases without adding new costs. The customer should know that they are only paying for their map, not for the shipping. This makes the final product easily and uniformly available not only in Spain, but since October 2014, worldwide.

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