Courses on maps in Africa.

Netmaps successfully concludes digital cartography training for editors at the African Bank – AFDB headquarters in Tunisia. Following the creation of nearly 500 digital maps of African countries, the company has organized the first training course at the Bank’s headquarters in Tunisia on the use of the maps, primarily for editorial purposes, for a group of 16 senior technicians from African delegations of the Bank.
Netmaps Successfully Concludes Digital Cartography Training for African Bank Editors

In a significant milestone for digital cartography, Netmaps has successfully concluded a comprehensive training program for editors at the African Development Bank (AFDB) headquarters in Tunisia. The training program focused on equipping the editors with the necessary skills to utilize digital maps for editorial purposes and drew participation from senior technicians representing African delegations of the Bank.

As part of the training program, Netmaps facilitated the creation of nearly 500 digital maps of various African countries. These maps are valuable tools that can be utilized to enhance the Bank’s publications and communications, providing a visual representation of data and information. The digital maps cover a wide range of geographic and socio-economic aspects of African countries, serving as a vital resource for the Bank’s editorial activities.

The training course at the Bank’s headquarters in Tunisia marked a significant development in the partnership between Netmaps and the African Development Bank. The course was specifically designed to cater to the needs of the senior technicians and editors, providing them with hands-on experience in utilizing the digital maps effectively. The 16 senior technicians who participated in the course gained valuable insights into the application of digital cartography for editorial purposes, enhancing their skill set and enabling them to contribute to the Bank’s editorial efforts more effectively.

Netmaps, a leading digital cartography company, has been at the forefront of providing innovative mapping solutions for various industries. The successful training program at the African Development Bank is a testament to the company’s commitment to empowering organizations with the tools and knowledge required to harness the power of digital maps. The training program not only focused on the technical aspects of using digital maps but also emphasized the strategic and editorial considerations that are essential for creating impactful visual content.

The digital maps created as part of the training program cover a diverse range of topics, including demographic data, land use, infrastructure, and natural resources. These maps are designed to be user-friendly and informative, enabling editors to incorporate them into the Bank’s publications in a seamless manner. The comprehensive nature of the maps ensures that they can be utilized for a wide range of editorial purposes, from reports and publications to presentations and digital media.

The training program also served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among the participants. The exchange of ideas and best practices among the senior technicians from various African delegations of the Bank fostered a spirit of cooperation and learning. The course not only equipped the participants with the skills to use digital maps effectively but also inspired them to explore innovative ways of integrating cartographic elements into their editorial work.

The successful conclusion of the digital cartography training program at the African Development Bank headquarters in Tunisia signifies a significant step forward in the Bank’s efforts to leverage digital mapping technology for editorial purposes. With the newly acquired skills and knowledge, the editors and senior technicians are well-equipped to harness the potential of digital maps to enhance the Bank’s communication and reporting. Netmaps’ commitment to delivering high-quality mapping solutions and facilitating comprehensive training programs has further strengthened its partnership with the African Development Bank, laying the foundation for continued collaboration in the realm of digital cartography.

In summary, Netmaps’ successful delivery of digital cartography training for the African Development Bank editors represents a key milestone in the integration of digital mapping technology into the Bank’s editorial practices. The creation of nearly 500 digital maps and the comprehensive training provided to the senior technicians are indicative of the transformational impact that digital cartography can have on enhancing the effectiveness and visual appeal of the Bank’s publications and communications. With the expertise gained from the training program, the editors and senior technicians are poised to leverage digital maps as powerful tools for storytelling and data visualization, contributing to the Bank’s mission of promoting sustainable development and economic growth across Africa.

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