Booth at the Fitur Fair.

Netmaps participates for the first time in the Fitur Fair in Madrid. This is the first step in the new offensive to position itself in the field of Public Administrations, which barely represents 0.5% of the turnover.
Netmaps makes its debut at Fitur Fair in Madrid to position itself in the field of Public Administrations

Netmaps, a leading provider of maps and geographic information, is making its first appearance at the Fitur Fair in Madrid. This marks the company’s initial step in a new offensive strategy to establish its presence within the realm of Public Administrations. Despite representing only a small fraction of the company’s overall turnover, the focus on this sector signals Netmaps’ commitment to expansion and diversification.

The decision to participate in the Fitur Fair represents a significant milestone for Netmaps. As a well-established player in the mapping industry, the company has primarily catered to commercial and individual clients. However, recognizing the untapped potential within the Public Administrations sector, Netmaps is determined to leverage its expertise and resources to capture this market segment.

The company’s foray into the Public Administrations arena is backed by a comprehensive strategic plan. At the core of this endeavor is the customization and tailoring of Netmaps’ existing products and services to address the unique needs and requirements of government agencies, local authorities, and other public entities. By offering specialized solutions that align with the specific objectives and challenges faced by Public Administrations, Netmaps aims to solidify its position as a trusted partner in this domain.

Netmaps’ participation in the Fitur Fair serves as a platform to showcase its capabilities and engage with key stakeholders within the Public Administrations sector. The company’s presence at the event will entail the unveiling of tailored mapping solutions, demonstrations of innovative technologies, and the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with potential clients and industry influencers.

Furthermore, Netmaps is committed to fostering strategic partnerships and collaborations within the Public Administrations domain. By establishing alliances with relevant organizations and participating in industry forums, the company seeks to gain valuable insights, expand its network, and stay at the forefront of emerging trends and developments within this sector.

The decision to focus on Public Administrations is underpinned by Netmaps’ long-term vision of sustainable growth and diversification. While the sector currently represents a mere 0.5% of the company’s turnover, the immense potential for expansion and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in serving public entities are driving forces behind this strategic shift.

Ultimately, Netmaps’ endeavor to establish a prominent presence in the field of Public Administrations is indicative of the company’s adaptability, ambition, and commitment to delivering value-added solutions across diverse domains. By leveraging its expertise, resources, and innovative spirit, Netmaps aspires to become a trusted ally for Public Administrations, empowering them with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions and drive positive change within their respective spheres of influence.

In conclusion, Netmaps’ debut at the Fitur Fair in Madrid signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the company as it sets its sights on establishing a strong foothold within the field of Public Administrations. With a clear strategic roadmap, a focus on customization and collaboration, and a determination to unlock the untapped potential within this sector, Netmaps is poised to emerge as a key player in providing tailored mapping solutions for government agencies and public entities.

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