Athens Olympic Games

Netmaps creates maps of Athens, the host city of the upcoming Olympics, for an English publisher. Netmaps has once again strengthened its international sales team, and in the coming days, prior to the London Fair, will inaugurate its new offices in London.
Netmaps Strengthens International Presence with New London Office

Netmaps, a leading provider of maps for cities around the world, has announced the opening of its new London office as part of their continued efforts to expand their international presence. This strategic move comes as the company prepares to showcase their comprehensive maps of Athens, the host city of the upcoming Olympics, at the London Fair.

The decision to open a new office in London reflects Netmaps’ commitment to serving their English-speaking customers and meeting the growing demand for high-quality maps. With their new presence in London, the company aims to enhance its relationships with publishers and distributors in the English market, and provide better support to their existing and potential customers.

Netmaps has a strong track record of creating detailed and accurate maps of cities, and their maps of Athens are no exception. With the upcoming Olympics in Athens, there is a significant interest in maps of the city, and Netmaps is well-positioned to meet this demand with their extensive knowledge and expertise in creating city maps. The company’s maps of Athens are designed to provide valuable information for tourists, event attendees, and businesses operating in the city, and are a valuable resource for anyone looking to navigate the city effectively.

The decision to strengthen its international sales team further underscores Netmaps’ dedication to providing top-notch service to their customers around the world. With the addition of new talent to their team, the company is well-equipped to drive its expansion efforts and establish strong partnerships with international publishers and distributors.

The opening of the new London office is a significant milestone for Netmaps, and the company is poised to make a strong impact at the upcoming London Fair. The fair presents an excellent opportunity for Netmaps to showcase their maps of Athens and connect with potential partners and customers in the English market. Inaugurating their new offices in London just prior to the fair demonstrates Netmaps’ commitment to making a lasting impression on the industry and positioning themselves as a leading provider of city maps.

Netmaps’ expansion to London is a testament to their continued growth and success in the industry. With an established reputation for delivering high-quality maps and exceptional customer service, the company is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive English market. The new office in London is an exciting development for Netmaps and is expected to further bolster their position as a go-to provider of maps for cities around the world.

In conclusion, the opening of Netmaps’ new office in London marks an important step in the company’s journey towards expanding its international presence. With their comprehensive maps of Athens and a strong focus on serving the English market, Netmaps is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for city maps and establish themselves as a key player in the industry. As the company prepares to inaugurate its new offices in London and showcase its maps at the upcoming London Fair, it is clear that Netmaps is determined to make a lasting impact and solidify their position as a leading provider of maps for cities worldwide.

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